I finally made it...

On Saturday Mason and I walked down the street from our hotel to Dealey Plaza. As we approached I started to get very excited, I couldn't believe that I was almost there. As we started to get closer I noticed that there were other people milling around taking pictures. I said"what are all these people doing here?" Mason thought I had lost my mind..."what do you mean?" he asked. "Well, I guess I just didn't think of this place as a tourist attraction." But then it dawned on me... it WAS a tourist attraction. Just some place mildly interesting for people to visit on their stay in Dallas. When we arrived the first thing I checked out was the Xs on Elm Street. There were two of them painted on the street where the President was hit. I noticed how small the area seemed to be. In all the TV footage I had seen over the years I had this vision in my head that the area was much larger than it really was. I kept saying over and over again.... "it just seems SO small" We walked all around the "grassy knoll". We ran into a few vendors selling JFK conspiracy books, newsletters and such. They had all the information that I had seen before including the pictures of the presidents head blown open. THAT is when I start to get upset. "A man died here people!" Big deal he was the president. This was some body's husband and father... some body's son. How DARE they try to make a living off of that!!! I was so mad... but said nothing. Just politely refused their products. So I sat down in the place that Abraham Zapruder had stood and filmed his home movie. After that we walked over to the Sixth Floor Museum and took the tour then headed home. I am very glad that I finally made it to Dallas and Dealey Plaza... but there is a little bit of a let down now that it is all over... a bit of ... "is that all there is?"
as my friend Jessi would say "Yep... that's it - now lets get the heck out of here"
And that is exactly what we did!

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