4 months old

The night we got back from Dallas he rolled over for the first time... I remember the turtle stage with Braden... getting stuck on their backs with no hope in sight... so sad :-) Every night since he had flipped over. But of course it is always on accident out of frustration... he has not learned to control his new found talent yet.

Turn-ons include: nursing, people laughing and watching himself in the mirror

Turn-offs include: the car seat, being left alone, sun in the eyes

The Stats: 16 lbs 26inches ( i would have measured his head but i couldn't find a tape long enough)

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Jen said...

I see you've been fiddling with Picasa! I love it!

Chezam said...

Hi! Thanks for your caring thoughts on my blog... which you've offered me more than once now. I appreciate you and wish we were still in the same city so we could continue to be friends. You're my kind of person. But now we'll develop a friendship through blogland. And I know I'll visit Texas sooner or later again (sometime this year) so people can see my little Miles. Anyway, your little boy's a cutie. I can't believe he weighs so much. I think Miles is about 13 pounds now and is 5 months already. Since it's poor ettiquette to publish lengthy comments, I'll say ta ta for now.