Stuck in a house with a friend

As I mentioned earlier there was an ice storm here in Abilene Friday night. My friend Jen was here the WHOLE time. Why? you might ask... Well.... see Jen lives in Sidney... about an hour and half outside of Abilene. Sidney is small!!! Not even a stoplight. So, since she had to work on Saturday I invited her to spend the night. Friday night the storm hit and come Saturday NO ONE went to work. Actually no one went anywhere until today. The sun finally showed up and started to melt some of the ice on the roads... so Jen left.
Jen was here ALL weekend, she missed her daughters birthday because of the weather. But I was really grateful to have her here. Jen is a good friend... nay a great friend. We met at MOPS last year (we were at the same table) I can still recall "a ha" the moment. Last year at MOPS Jen and I were at the same table. As we were cleaning up she pulled the table cloth off the table (with stuff still upon it). I called out "the flowers are still standing!" She looked over at me and said "Ghostbusters!" and we both smiled...BAMM that was it! Here is what she writes on her blog about me.

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