sad but true

Once a week Tristan goes to the Children's Hospital here for PT and OT. And for an hour and a half I hang around the hospital. Sometimes I talk to other mothers, or watch TV or read. A few times I have wandered around the gift shop.

Last Friday I was in the gift shop looking for a few little gifts for my friend La Rae's kiddos. They had stopped by to us on their way home from Florida. These kids had been in the car for DAYS. I knew that this last leg of the trip was getting pretty rough and I thought a new toy would help the time pass more quickly.

So I went to the gift shop to check out what they had.

And man, did they have some really neat stuff. And then (as I wandered around the store) it dawned on me why this particular store had so many great choices of car trip toys.... A toy/book/game that could be played in your lap sitting down......and I was intensely sad and grateful all at the same time.

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annie said...

This is a bit of a tangent, but I don't think I would have burned out so bad on Vivi's therapies if it had been like this--at a place where I'm in the waiting room. The NYC way seems so great where the therapists come to your home, but Vivi had 5 therapists each coming 3 times a week and the parent is expected to be involved in each session. John and I only did therapy during the work day for a whole year--working instead at night. It wore us out. This year, no therapy and we're sane.