my child came home today

with his face painted. He had been down at the Children's Museum for a "thanksgiving" field trip. I have no idea what went on down there, or who was leading the 'educational' activity but I was pretty sure that Braden didn't really learn anything very accurate about Native Americans by slapping 'war' paint on.

I sent out a question on facebook to see if painting ones face like this was akin to blackface. The answer I received was that if it is done with good intentions then it was NOT like blackface.... I am not too convinced.

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AMANDA said...

What's wrong with a child using his/her imagination? The truth of the matter is, that Native Americans painted their faces for many different reasons (some including battle). My friend, I think you may becoming to politically correct!!! Let him have some fun! BTW, I love you!!! =) Hope you still love me to after this comment!