money money money

Braden has become enamored with football. A lot of his friends from school play, so he hears about it all the time. The school's football team is really important to the school too, so he hears about that a lot also. So much so that he informed us (the other day at dinner) that if you play on the team you receive free tuition... hmmmmm

We went to our first game a few weeks ago. It was the last home game and it wasn't raining and Braden really wanted to go. It was great to be able to just walk up to the field. We had fun walking in the dark. It was essentially the same route we take to school and Braden enjoyed pointing out how everything looked different at night. We arrived during the first quarter and left in the middle of the third. Braden talks a good game about liking football, but gets bored pretty quickly.

This past week I DVR'd the game on ESPNU.... yeah, that's right ... a high school football game on ESPN... with ESPN announcers and all that (graphics, stats etc). During one of the fills they were showing footage from practice. It has been so rainy here that the field was really wet. So a father of a kid on the team ...... and I kid you not........... lent the school his HELICOPTER so that they could hover over the field and try to dry it out!!!!

I would have not believed it if I hadn't seen the video myself......

Holy jeeze.....

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