use your words

Braden and Mason have been known to clash from time to time. I am not sure why. Maybe because they are so alike. Maybe because Braden spends SO much time with me... either way this past week it was getting pretty bad.

I told Braden that he needed to find a way to work it out with his father. That I could not be the middleman/referee, he was the one who was in charge of his relationship.

So after breakfast and before school Braden went up to Mason and said "can I speak to you privately dad?" and they went into the family room.

Like a good mother and wife I stood motionless in the kitchen so I could hear every word of the 'private convo'.

"why are we always fighting?" Braden asks "we need to not fight" he goes on to say "if you are mad at something, but it is not me, don't act mad to me. like if your boss is mad with you and you get mad at your boss don't be mad at me. okay dad?" There was more to the conversation which although I heard every word I can no longer remember verbatim.

Mason said that Braden reached out and touched his arm while he was talking to him. I think his teacher is really having a positive impact on him. Both Mason and I were VERY proud of Braden and his words that morning. I was blown away by his ability to see the situation for what it was...and be emotionally tuned in to not only himself but his father too.

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