lock and key

At Kroger today I was trying to find some personal items. The kind where you would need two people to participate. I finally found what I was looking for which also included some sticks that see into your future if you pee on them right.

All these articles were in a glass cabinet, under the pharmacy counter. The cabinet was lock, and only a manger had a key.... the store manager... not just the pharmacy or section manager.

As you can imagine I didn't want to try and hunt down a store manager to 'allow' me to purchase my products. So I just decided to keep the items on my list for my next Target run.

I am not sure why they are putting this stuff in a locked case. The craft glue and diet pills weren't under lock and key. That stuff is way more dangerous. I would think you would want to ENCOURAGE use of these planning and protecting products. The only reason I can think of for locking all the junk up is some sort of conservative notion that if sex is forbidden no one will do it. When of course the opposite is true... they will just go and do it without protection.

But... that aside.... back to me! Like I really want EVERYONE to notice that I am the dork at the cabinet. I still feel weird when I purchase lady products.... even after all these years. I am certainly not going to spend my time and my privacy on a purchasing a product that is doubling embarrassing.For all the nerve and courage it takes to just take them to the check out line... now you have to be pre-screened by the key holder.


martha.durham said...

Well, I work for KingSoopers which is a division of Kroger. We keep a key in the pharmacy to our locked cabinets of nicotine products as well as some fo the personal items. Anyway, the reason they are under lock and key is because they are "high loss" items: meaning they are often stolen. Hope that makes sense. You might not have wanted to know this.
I would like to stay apart of your blog if I can. I LOVE keeping up with you this way. I agree with sooo much of what you write. Good luck with your business!!!

annie said...

interesting subtext...