Gun's and Roses

I was quite lazy today... I stayed in my jammies until almost 3. And since I was in my jammies, the boys were too, which meant no one was outside on a gorgeous fall day.

How is it that for the first 26 years of my life (well maybe not the first 5) I got up, showered, dressed and had my day... ? and now, when I am a mom, when it matters most I stay up too late, and drag my butt out of bed late and drive my kid to school with 5 minutes to spare?

I set the tone for the house. If I am up and organized and active than the day goes smoother. If I fall apart, so does everything else. So it would stand to reason (knowing this) that I would be more responsible.

I think subconsciously I am rebelling against the increased responsibility. Especially at night (or when Mason is home) I get selfish and want to watch TV or sit on the computer and I ignore everything around me. That makes me feel bad about myself. That I am being a lazy mom. I need to hold myself accountable....

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