doin' it doin' doin' it well

Today was Braden's Halloween party and costume parade today at school. Having just been at Tristan's yesterday, (which was cute) besides walking down the hall there wasn't much to it and I wasn't expecting much from Braden's school.

Boy howdy was I wrong. This was a costume extravaganza! Every teacher was dressed up... to the hilt. Wigs, makeup and fancy costumes. Music was playing when we arrived and then our emcee took the stage. Frankenstein (which I know is really Frankenstein's monster...but whatever) and the Bride of Frankenstein were our hosts. She must have been the drama teacher or something, because in full accent and Halloween puns she narrated the whole parade. While background music played each teacher would walk their class up on the stage (in the huge theater) for everyone to see. With each teacher and each class the commentary became more colorful as the "Bride" mentioned certain costumes.

I LOVED the whole thing. I think my mom would have loved it too. It was the kinda of thing she would have volunteered for. The teachers looked amazing (did I say that already?) My favorite was moaning Myrtle complete with toilet seat hanging around her neck. Runner up goes to the witch with dry ice in her cauldron that she carried around.

Much Fun!

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