Driving to Walgreens last night to pick up Braden's prescription got me jones-ing for ice cream. It was always Walgreens I went to in Abilene late at night to pick up a pint. I could feel the nagging coming on as I drove down the hill towards the store. In my mind I was already justifying how I could get away with it. Telling myself that if I ate it in the store before the perception was ready than it didn't really 'count'.

The Walgreens here is the exact replica of the one on Buffalo Gap in Abilene. It feels like I am back in Texas when I walk through those doors. Straight back to the photo counter, make a left, walking by the freezers down to the pharmacy.... repeating over and over in my head.... don't do it, be strong... keep walking....

The temptation was strong... but in the end I was stronger... I walked out 'script in hand no ice cream on the thighs!

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