I love Sundays

Sundays are by far my favorite day here in Little Rock. I am really happy with the church here that we are going to. Our parents group is doing a "Build your own Theology" workshop... one hour a week is way to short to really get 'into' it as a class, but the workbook is a great jumping off point. Did I mention I shared my So Many Santa book a few weeks ago? I have already sold 3! It was wonderful validation to know that other parents found value in my words.

After church is my yoga class. I use to practice yoga many many lifetimes ago in Alamogordo... To refresh I am in the beginners class, which my body thanks me for... this stuff is no joke.

The first day there I was sitting on my mat listening to my instructor and I became very emotional. I almost started to cry. I was so at home there. I guess that is how I feel at church too. No longer am I the different one. I am right there in the middle with everyone else.

Sunday is Julia day.... not mom day or school day or bill paying day... but a day dedicated to me... working on being the best me that I can! I haven't had that in a long long time and it feels oh so good!

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