the treat basket

There is a Whole Foods store exactly 1.5 miles from the house. I am at that store about 3-4 times a week. Mainly for quick pop in type of stops to big up milk, bread, lunch junk... that sort of thing.

95% of the time I have the boys with me.

So today when I was asked if the boys could pick a treat from the basket I politely declined. As I had done with all the other cashiers over the past 5 weeks. "We are in here way to often, if they do it once they will want to do it each time." This explanation has always garnered a 'knowing' nod, showing me that they understood me and my logic.

side note: i don't know how much longer I can keep the treat basket under wraps, I am running out of distractionary tactics!

Today - this did not occur. Then man stopped ringing my food and stared at me, like he was confused and then kinda 'tisked' disapprovingly. "you don't have kids... do you?" I ventured a guess. "No," he replied "just cats". I started to say something witty and quite clever... but he looked up at me again with the same confused look as if he didn't understand what I had just asked him....so I kept my mouth shut...took my groceries and headed out the door.

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Leah said...

First of all I am SO jealous you have a Whole Foods. But LOL at the treats. My girls are constantly offered suckers at the bank even in the drive thru. Now Salem says - no thank you.