Part V

The secret is out and (spoiler warning) Darth Vader is Luke's father.

Fearing that Braden would learn this tidbit of trivia from another kid at school, I sat down with him to watch the Empire Strikes Back (which imho is the BEST of any/all of the films) two days before school started. We watched the movie during Tristan's nap time. Pausing it every 10 minutes or so to talk about what was going on, and why the characters were making certain decisions and who were the good and bad guys etc.

Braden likes the ships and the robots the best. We spent a lot of time talking about the Millennium Falcon and the Adat walkers.

And then finally the moment came, I turn to watch Braden's reaction to the line " No, I am your father!" And in true Braden fashion the moment came and went without pause. It wasn't until I finally paused the movie to talk about it with him that he commented "So Dark Vader is Luke's dad? Oh...."

That's Bert for ya.... cool cucumber through and through.

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