it just feels different

It has been a week in the new house. The newest of the new houses in the past few months. And this house feels the best. The atmosphere that was created by the owner and the management company at the last house hung heavy and thick over our rental abode. Being watched, and checked up on enhances any sense of inadequacy. And that took a toll on us.

But this new place is home... our home... With amazing neighbors who bring over house warming gifts and kids who play OUTSIDE just down the street.

Little Rock feels good again. It feels like anything is possible.


martha.durham said...

I cannot wait to get to join you!! :P Little Rock sounds sooooo nice!! Hope we get a chance to chat again soon! Glad life is better!!!!!

Anne said...

Glad things are going well...sounds like it has been quite the process!

Quick question...I recent;y researched and have started packing Bento box style lunches for the kids. Do you use those, and if so, are there any fun food ideas you care to share? I am looking for new and fun ideas for things I can include. Natalie is loving hers, and eats so well!


Julia Stewart said...

Anne - sorry it took me so long to respond... I don't do Bento box styles... sorry :-( plain old pb & j here at this house.