federal requirement

I was so busy and tired when we got back from WDW that I don't feel like I gave a proper update. And since I am more busy and still tired I won't do one now... but I do have something I want to share.

I have had some really rude flight attendants in my day, but these two that I had on our way back home took the cake.

What frustrates me is that I feel as passengers we are at the mercy and whim of these ladies (and I say ladies because I have never had a rude male flight attendant). And we have no rights. What they says goes... they even tell you when you arrive on board that it is a FEDERAL requirement to comply with the flight crew... and since 911 over 200 people (regular people) have been charged with a federal felony under the Patriot Act for arguing with a flight attendant, raising their voice and swearing.

As a passenger on an airplane you loose your right to complain or object if you feel like you are being mistreated... from passenger to inmate... as if we are all moronic idiots who don't know how to fly and are just looking to pick a fight or take down a plane.

Do you remember the woman from Vermont who was kicked off the plane for refusing to stop breast feeding her infant? as one person put it "Ignoring a flight attendant’s instructions, however misguided, can be tantamount to interfering with a crew – a federal offense."

There is something about walking on to a plane holding baby (or toddler) to garner you LOADS of attention from the attendants. They immediately think you need extra explanation of the rules and they explain them to you in such a way that makes you think they see you as just as young as your kid.

It reminds me a lot of a hospital setting. Your lack of knowledge/understanding of your rights puts you at a disadvantage. (and unlike the TSA agents at security - who routinely try to argue that I can't bring Tristan's milk on board - which you can ... by the way.... - I can ask them to call a supervisor over... who usually apologizes and then grabs some one to hand check T's sippy) There is no manager to call while your 30,000 feet up in the air...

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