the rounds

Last Thursday Tristan had his first (of many) doctor appointment with his new Primary Care Manager.... One of the first things I noticed when we arrived was the sheer size of the waiting room and the fact that they have Saturday clinic hours.

I made the doctor's appointment from my cell phone in the car during the drive up here. Getting in your grove in the medical stream of things takes time..... and it takes even more time when you are in an unfamiliar place.

At first things went quite well. His pediatrician said that she has a few other NF patients and seemed to be well versed with the issues it can cause. She also seemed to know a lot about who and what were at the Children's Hospital here.... that was nice too.

However things started to veer off track when we starting talking about immunizations. I explained that we only do the shots that are required by the state for school, and we do them on a delayed schedule. She countered back with scare tactics and justification and a lecture about blah blah blah studies blah blah blah death and statistics blah blah blah won't see anyone who refuses to immunize her child.

I smiled and held my ground. I didn't try to argue point counter point with her. I kinda laughed and said, "well we sure do disagree on that." We both dropped the subject and we moved on to the paperwork of getting Tristan in to PT OT and speech.

Although I kinda brushed it off in the office (because I knew neither of us would budge) my heart sank a bit as we left.... I wonder how long we would remain her patients, or even IF we should keep going to her.... the thought of trying to find someone new all over again is daunting.

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Leah said...

That would be daunting. Give her another chance and just see. As long as she lets that go she might be great. I know it's an important issue though.