it's been one week since you looked at me....

I am here. Sitting in my completely bare family room on Tristan's mini trampoline while typing away on the key board that sits on a Rubbermaid storage tote.

The past 10 days or so have flown by. Almost every day I think to myself "oh, that would be a great post..." but by the time the kids are in bed I have forgotten what the heck I wanted to say.

I will say this however... I love it here. It was pretty much everything I was expecting, and more. On our first DAY in the house, around 6pm my next door neighbor brought us dinner. Apparently the news of the house being rented out had spread fast on the tiny cul-de-sac and everyone was pretty much waiting to see who moved in. I have met over half my neighbors in just the short amount of time I've been here, and the ones I haven't met I have been filled in on the details. I have even made a fast friend of the people to our right. A couple a bit younger than us, with two small kids. Braden told me today ' I really like my new friend Mama.'

Let me tell you this... when you move you need a few things right off the bat, and I would be wise to remember this myself for future reference. Kitchens come first. Be prepared to scrub and clean the livin' heck out of your kitchen the minute you arrive... nothing is worth than a dirty non-functioning kitchen. A close second would be, have your wonderful husband hook up the washer and dryer ASAP. Kids and dogs still make messes that have to be cleaned up, even when you move.... clothes still get dirty and bath towels only stay fresh for so long. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, bleach, a general cleanser couple with a crap load of cleaning rags, are pretty much all you will need to scrub a house down. The vacuum and mop come a bit later in the game. Don't even get me started on contact paper... and other people's showers.

I have been changed by living in a small town. And after moving here, I can say with all certainty that Abilene is a small town. After 5 years of small town living, things like REAL rush hour traffic jams and doctor offices open on Saturday totally surprise me. The number of shopping and eating locations surprise me. The hills..... REAL big no joke hills surprise me. The number of libraries just in this town alone (10-ish) surprise me too! The number of parks, and hiking places and biking places and streams, rivers and lakes surprise me. Even the size of the national airport surprised me.

A week ago, on Friday the 10th I walked into Whole Foods to get milk and such for breakfast the next morning and I saw not one, not two, but THREE mommies WEARING their babies!!!!

Words cannot describe my shear excitement for being here!

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Robyn said...

I am so glad you are loving it! You know I am very partial to that area :-) What part of LR are you living in? Where is B going to school in the fall?

Me, Ken, & the kids went up to Mt. Magazine state park while we were in Arkansas. It's probably 2 1/2-3 hour drive from LR. It is amazing!! I would love to go back in the fall. There are tons of hiking trails (only 1 that would probably be good for T). There is also a lodge there that is really neat.

Miss you!! Thank goodness for blogs and facebook!!!