I wake up. The house is quiet, too quiet. I remember hearing Mason leave for work, and Braden going downstairs with him. But now I don't hear anything.

I get up, and walk down the stairs.

"Hi Mama" Braden says cheerfully. He is at the computer, it is on and I notice he had been watching videos of cars.

"Hey Baby" I reply. "Did dad do this for you?"

"No.... I did" He proclaims proudly "I did it all by myself."

I look up to the search field. The letters RC are typed there and I notice all the pictures and video are of remote controlled planes and cars.

"I didn't know how to spell laser warrior" (RC Laser Warrior is his favorite game from Cartoon Network.com) "So I just typed in rc so I could look at stuff."

I didn't know what to say. He was SO not supposed to be on the computer.... but yet I was blown away by his ability to 'google' what he wanted. So I just said " I am proud of you buddy.... you did a great search all by yourself! Very smart!

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