The Caped Crusader, Hand brakes, and Dumpster Diving

Today Braden turns 6. Technically we still have about 2 hours until that happens...
We celebrated earlier today.
Last night in the sweltering heat, waiting for the AC repair guy to show up we decorated. This was the first year that I got any mileage out of my gift bags. Since I made them last year for Braden's 5th birthday I have used them a handful of times for random occasions... my dad's birthday, Mason's birthday, Father's Day etc etc.
I also re-hung my Chinese lanterns that I use as balloons... 3rd birthday to do that...

But I did buy a Hot wheel paper table cloth at the party store... I couldn't really find my way out of that.
Braden woke up at the crack of dawn. I tried to get him to lay next to me quietly - to no avail....
Pancakes (with some bacon on the side) then the presents. Braden learned quickly that the ones wrapped in paper were from Grandma and Grandpa... and exceedingly better than the ones from mom.

Even though it was a Hotwheel birthday - it was a Batman birthday too! He loved the costume we got him and the deploy-able wings courtesy of G& G. He got a Batman action figure and the batmobile and all that junk. He got some books, a Guess Who game some Leapster video games.... and the bike.
We saved the bike until last. We waited well into the morning before we Skyped G&G for the big reveal. We made him close his eyes, we wheeled it in from the back porch... the whole bit. Without skipping a beat and with zero inflection or excitement in his voice he states "oh, it's a bike." It was downhill from there.

There were a few things that I had not taken into account beforehand. First being that the bike was bigger and HEAVIER than his last. Trying to push it while walking along side the thing proved to be frustrating. The bikes seat was a billion times longer than the last, so every time he tried to get off he would stumble on one leg and fall off. He kept trying to pedal while clutching the handbrake... and he did not put his whole weight on his feet to pedal... and so they kept slipping off.

After some tears and some fussing we called it a day and packed ourselves into the car to go pick up the cake.... which he had picked out earlier in the week.

I thought it looked hideous.... but he loved it.
For lunch we went to Red Robin... for burgers and fries... requested by B. The minute we sat down Braden announced to the waitress that it was his birthday. So at the end of the meal we got the clapping and the singing and a free sundae. To which Braden again announced that he had always seen the clapping and singing and never had it done to him.... he was beaming!
Back home. We light candles, we sing, everyone is too full to eat the cake. So, while Nana puts T down for a nap we head out the door to go see Night at the Museum. It was between that or UP... and I thought he would find the former funnier.... remembering how much he seemed to like the (few, brief moments) of the original.
I had low expectations for the movie but really ended up liking it. No peeing jokes was a step up. Braden seemed to tolerate it, but didn't seem to love it either. Mason's favorite part was the air conditioning.... so what does that tell you.
We picked up pizza on the way home. And tried practicing again with the new bike, with our sneakers... which seamed to help a bit. Back inside Braden takes to the floor to play with all his new toys.
"Hey mama? I think there are supposed to be things that shoot of of the gun." Braden says to me across the room. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice. Earlier when I had taken the toy out of its box I noticed two skinny little long red things. Thinking that they would just get lost in the first day or so, or the move I didn't even bother taking them out of the packaging. By the time Braden noticed they were missing Mason had already taken the trash to the dumpster.
So guess where I ended my day to day. YUP... precariously balancing in and on the huge dumpster down the way from the apartment. I am happy to report that the little red skinny plastic sticks were recovered and the birthday was saved!!!

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