back to where we began

We lived in Little Rock for about 5 months in 2004. From about January thru May, then we moved here to Abilene.

It was one of the happier times in our little family. Braden was 6 months old. I was enjoying (finally) being a mom. He was a happy easy baby. Mason was in C-130 school - which meant he was able to come home a lot. We enjoyed exploring the town, going to church (for the first time in a long while) and dreaming/planning about what was to come at our new duty station Abilene.

Our time in Abilene is connected to that time in Little Rock. And it was that time in Little Rock that we decided to have another baby. We started trying the minute we arrived in Texas.

Little Rock represents the old us, the happy, immature, blissfully ignorant us. To me Little Rock is just another reminder of William

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