18 hours!

We still don't have any orders. But 'they' keep assuring us that we will be going to Little Rock sometime before the end of the summer.

With that in mind I have enrolled Braden in a secular private school in West Little Rock. Well, actually I did it back in March - which was LATE and I was worried that they would be filled up already... luckily he nabbed a space.

So next on the to do list was secure housing. We have decided to rent... for many reasons...like... not knowing how long we will be in LRAR (maybe only 2 years) and the fact that the houses in LRAR are more expensive than Abilene but the market is crappier.

But finding a rental house is a bit harder than finding a house to buy, especially if you don't live int the area. You have to check the local paper, craigs list, other rental sites, google property manger offices etc etc.... it seems to lead you into Internet hell.... trying to decipher the real properties vs. the fake ads.

But late on Friday I happened upon what looked like too good to be true. 4 bd 2 bath within WALKING distance of Braden's new school !!! In a well established neighborhood on a cul de sac with a fenced yard, two car garage (which is unusual in Little Rock) . I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers.

The lady on the other end assured me that the property was still available and that we could fill out an application.... with one caveat... one of us was required to do a walk through. She said they adopted that policy awhile ago to protect themselves and the renters.... which I understood.

Without hesitation I said " I can be there in the morning. Can you meet me?" She said she would check and get back to me. The next 20 minutes ticked by quite slow... Waiting for her to call and waiting for Mason to get home so I could leave.

By 4 I was on the road. By 12:45am I was in Little Rock and less than 12 hours later I was back in the car for another 9 hour drive with application in hand.

Now we wait!

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martha.durham said...

Okay, now I think I get it. I bet the rental place will only let you have one dog. I am sooo sorry! I wish we could take her but we don't even have our dog. :) If and when we move to LR we plan to rent as well. It should be interesting. They tell us we will be moving in the next year. Could be as early as Oct but I doubt it. We might very well end up with you in LR. I would so like that but JD wants to go to CS. We shall see... Good and bad things about both. Hopefully we can chat soon. I will be in TX from the 13th to the 20th. Maybe we can chat then as I will have someone to watch the kids.
TTYL! Miss ya!!!