some things I learned on my trip

There are no speed limit signs ANYWHERE in Manhattan

You better have a good map and know how to get where you are going because some of the cabbies don't have a clue

Everyone in Harlem says good morning as they pass each other on the street - doesn't matter what color you are

Not only should you bring good shoes, you should bring about 3 pair so you can switch each day

Most subways run at 4am - however certain Tattoo parlors will close at 3:30am if their artist has been drinking

Times square looks like the Strip in Las Vegas

Tights on a man should NOT be considered pants

I will not buy a handbag from you just because you yell "Gucci, Prada" in my ear

Comedy clubs are not good places to bring 13 year olds

Houston street is pronounced "How-ston" - no joke

Everyone on the planet has an iphone except me

Getting lost in Central Park is not as fun as it sounds

9/11 and JFK have much more in common than you would think

You actually have to say the letter/number of the subway line you want... no one pays attention to the colors

No matter how hard you try, you are going to look like a tourist... but it's okay

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