last mops

We just had our final MOPS meeting for the year. It was my 5th final meeting. 5 years of MOPS under my belt... it seems time to move on.

I thought I would sit down and write about all the things I learned from MOPS over the years. I would tell stories about the best speakers or the late night steering team retreat conversation or the tears shed in the good times and bad.

All those stories could fill up a blog all on their own. The single most important thing I learned from MOPS. I mean, how do you capture 5 years of your life in one single post?

As I sat there chatting away with my friends, it dawned on me that what MOPS had given me was practically inmeasurable. MOPS had made me a better mom and a more patient wife. Being able to listen to other's experiences and heed their advice was an amazing resource. Whether it was just a little trick (like using a red washcloth for bloody situations so that the child won't be as scared to see a whole bunch of their blood) or some one's testimony about how mothering had changed them - I soaked it all in. 40 moms twice a month for 5 years. Every mom should have this type of resource.

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