a nice distraction

With a trip to the Zoo and a lunch out with Liz I have been able to keep the sadness at bay.


AMANDA said...

Is your aunt your mom's sister? You guys look SO MUCH alike. I had to do a double take. That's you with long hair!!!

AMANDA said...

okay... I re-read your comment. That's not your aunt. Whoever she is, she's definitely a relative... You guys look so much alike!

Julia Stewart said...

that is one of my oldest friends Liz... she and I go WAY back!

martha.durham said...


I am so sorry I didn't call on Wednesday! I managed to lose my cell phone on the way to DW so I don't have any of my numbers and I knew you were not at home (and don't know your cell by memory, Sorry!). I did think of you. My how time flies-I cannot believe it has been four years. Please know I thought of you. I hope things are going well. I promise to call soon to chat about our trip. Unfortunately one or both girls were sick the whole trip (plus the week before). Yeah!! We had a great time though!!
Talk to you soon!