the corner has a new occupant

For the past 6 months or so, the crib has been the place for Tristan's timeouts. Just a simple, go take a break and stop screaming type of thing.

Braden for about 3 years has been utilizing the corner. Which is the wall by the front door... it is kind of off of the main drag of the house down a short hall. Tristan was always fascinated with Braden being in the corner. He some how knew just to stay away. He would stand on the carpet and point "Bray....Bray" with different levels of inflection each time.

Yesterday, during one of T's meltdowns I picked him up and said "let's go take a time out upstairs" to which he replied "Corner!"

I put him back down and watched him run down the hall to the front door (here in NOLA) and promptly sit in the corner. I walked away and waited... about a minute later I heard him call out "ready!"... and he came right over to me and gave me a hug...

Well, how about that!

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