speeching update

Speech therapy is still going strong. We've added some OT in with it too... that seems to be going well also. Tristan enjoys going and 'playing' with his therapists. They tell me he is doing well. Which makes me feel good.
For awhile on this blog I was recording all the new words Tristan was saying. Just as a record for myself to be able to look back and track his progress. I don't do it too much anymore because he can imitate pretty much any word now. He doesn't pronounce it correctly... but it counts and if you can see whatever it is he is trying to name it is pretty understandable.
So he has a whole host of words he can say and sometimes will say when prompted. He seems to go through phases. Where a few words are his favorite and he says them all the time and then gets board with them.
Some words are very hard for him to say correctly because of his low muscle tone. So even I have a hard time understanding what in the heck he is trying to say. So we have been doing A LOT of signing. His two new signs are 'again' and 'help'. We use those signs many many times during the day. He tries to say the word while he signs... so with the visual and audio clue I am able to respond to him more efficiently.
I have a couple of books I am using to learn signs and I am going to sign up for an ASL course at the local learning annex here in Abilene. I am hoping it allows me to feel more comfortable signing and less conspicuous.

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