We may not have orders yet... but I am already saying good-bye. In a way it's like I have already left, and I have come back to visit...
But that shouldn't give you the impression that I am not sad about being gone or that I didn't love my time here.

After dropping off Tristan at his class at church today I walked down the VERY familiar hall of Highland's North Wing. The same hall from MOPS, and my first summer Bible study with Braden and from Young Children's World Mother's Day Out and from Sunday after Sunday worshiping there. Abilene has made a huge impression on my life, one from which I will never be the same and Highland has been tied into that. I am not sure that the mark I leave here will be as deep and as permanent as the one left on my heart by the people I have met through Highland.

Walking down that hall today I spotted a picture of the YCW class of 2006... Braden's last year there. I scanned the photo for his face, and found it .... 3 years old with long blond curls sitting in the arms of my friend Ann Hurst... the same wonderful friend who is now Tristan's Kindermusik teacher. Ann was Braden's teacher for a while that year. And the image of them sitting together captures that special situation they shared. And it proves that we the Stewarts did live here and that we loved, truly loved the people who touched our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, Julia. That blesses me in a big way! I love your kiddos.