the good ol' days

Some one once said " THESE are the good ol' days".... right now... no matter how crappy we think our life is now, we will look back and say how great it was.

I think about this all the time in regards to Tristan. I am so consumed with sadness over his diagnoses that I sometimes forget that RIGHT NOW are the good times. I am mourning all the while I should be happy. Because right now he doesn't know he is sick. No one else can really tell he is sick either. There are no sight or hearing problems, no tumors, no surgery needed, no liver or bladder issues... no fights on the playground, no tears about his birthmarks, no girls rejecting him, no questions to answer.... just a happy little boy.

Being sad now seems so ridiculous, because there is going to be so much to be sad about in the future. For him, these are the good ol' days.

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writeslikeagirl said...

Oh sweetie just take it one day at a time. If you feel sad, be sad, if you feel happy that FABULOUS. You will all work throught and find your peace. Wanna be happy go do something fun with those wonderful boys of yours. I hope you are having a terrific day.