yard signs

For the past week or so I have been noticing some yard signs popping up around Abilene. The slogan reads "Pray to End Abortion" and then some smaller writing that I can never really read properly from the car, something about 40 days of prayer. The message smells a bit political to me, and it doesn't seem to understand the issues behind that type decision. The truth is, that pregnancy termination is surrounded with grief, fear and pain... and any way we can eliminate the need for a woman to have to face that sort of choice is a worthy cause.... so I submit some other things to pray about.

1. pray to end rape
2. pray to end drug addiction
3. pray to end poverty
4. pray to end domestic violence
5. pray to end ignorance about a human beings reproduction system
6. pray for lower adoption cost
7. pray for reform in the foster care system
8. pray for strengthened families
9. pray for the researchers who work to find a cure for birth and genetic defects
10. pray for love - for everyone - no matter what

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Leah said...

I especially love this one:

10. pray for love - for everyone - no matter what