that's what they keep telling me

Many people think that having a dog around the house is a good thing. Even more, wives of military men who are often gone, think having a dog is essential. I guess that it is the feeling of safety. That their barking will scare away any potential threats, or that their barking will alert me to something that I need to be alerted to.

But in the 9 years that I have had the dogs, all their barking has done for me is cause trouble. Whether it was their barking waking up the baby, their barking at neighbor dogs or roaming cats, barking to be let in from outside, or barking to be let out and my all time personal favorite - the barking in the dead quiet of the night that wakes me from my sleep with my heart beating so hard it is about to burst out of my chest.

They keep telling me that dogs raise the quality of ones life... I think my two labs are trying to kill me in my sleep! Ha!

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Brenda-Ann said...

Just wait until they get older and their hearing and eyesight start failing, which is what has happened to our dog. He now barks at the wind and his imaginary friends!