gone missing

Braden is on school break - we get started on reading
Tristan goes to speech twice a week - I've started logging his words old school (on paper) - but I will say that the can recognize the shape and say the word star!

My parents and my MIL come in for the Holiday.
Spent most of the week wrapping gifts, cooking, helping my MIL with her email issues.... in between working on my own computer issues... both were resolved quite nicely.
We all had a great Christmas.... all the food I cooked came out good and all the gifts I picked out were either a perfect fit or great idea....win/win
Saw Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day - that was a great gift in and of itself.
Didn't get even ONE good picture of the boys in front of the tree in their jammies... Tristan was quite uncooperative.

Church going is becoming easier and more of a natural habit - which is a good thing!

All old toys have been organized and sorted through, new toys have their place on the shelf... wreath and wrapping paper storage containers have been bought and put to use.
All 2008 paperwork including receipts have been sorted filed and stored....

Crappy movies were rented along with good champagne to ring in the new year. Hopefully this will be our last year without party plans....

By Friday (the 2nd) cabin fever got the best of us and on a whim we whisked ourselves down to Austin for a wonderfully warm weekend in the weird city.... for which I didn't take but a few pictures :-(

School starts tomorrow and we hit the ground running with a field trip to the planetarium

Finally after a week or two of running around I finally have the music instruments and cricut cartridges for Braden's school that were bought with money I spent most of December raising...

Tristan starts Kindermusik this Saturday - but more importantly Psych and Monk start their new season this Friday!

Did I mention that Mason got be BOTH "The Office" board and DVD games? Hey Lisa... it's your turn to make a trip - and I challenge YOU!

Trying not to pay attention that (besides April) for me this is the suckiest month of them all....

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