I know that is not a real word... but it is now. It is my new word for the machine which is Tristan's speech therapy.
We started 'real' therapy today at West Texas Rehab. He seems to really LOVE Nancy his SLP. Young girl, totally nice, but firm and consistent, which is what T needs.
We still have the ECI SLP coming to the house, but that is only twice a month. WTR is twice a week, every week.
This week we have 3 speech appointments.
Which is crazy and awesome all at the same time. Whatever I can do to help T ...
He has a few new words in the last week. Box Bus and Got it... and one other I am forgetting.

I know it seems like T is doing great with his speech. And I know for a fact that some people think that I am overreacting to his delays and that 'he'll be fine' or "all babies have their own timetables".

Because Tristan doesn't look like he has learning delays and because he is still so young, people forget that he /we deal with his NF1 everyday. They don't understand how a genetic condition of the nervous system can effect his cognitive abilities, and frankly I don't understand it all either... but I will reassure you ... it does.

One of the reasons I am blogging all his words is because he says them once and then never uses them again. So we can't tell if he is able to retain the things he's heard and learned. And since he never says those words again I am afraid I might forget what he can say, did or has said and what is new or not.

So tomorrow is Nicole from ECI. I have asked her to help me educated myself on the subject of speech, and hearing and learning and all that. She said she was going to bring some books for me... we'll see... Let the speeching begin!

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Dava Lynn said...

Julia...in case you needed some reassurance...you are NOT overreacting! Early intervention is key to his success, and I'm so proud of you for continuing to seek out the resources Tristan needs. Let me know if you want any help "educating" yourself in all things speech/language/learning. I'm a tad bit interested in such things. :) Keep me posted!!