Happy Birthday Baby

My big guy turns 32 today... he was born late at night (if I remember the story correctly).

I celebrated with him when he turned 15.... that was 17 years ago... I remember purposely not wearing lipstick because I was hoping he would kiss me.... he did.

Mason likes to keep his birthday LOW KEY... ultra low key. No cake, no singing, no decorations, no gifts, no cards. Complying with his wishes feels weird... like he's missing out, or more like I am not being a good friend by letting the day pass quietly sans fanfare.

Braden drew him a picture, which he liked. And Braden gave him a model car from Michales that they put together together.... Mason said he liked that the best... a gift you can share with your B.

I realized to day (after doing the math) that I have had Mason in my life 4 years longer than I had my mother....

Now THAT feels weird.

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Williams Family said...

I'm praying for you. I know it's hard to go through another Christmas without your mom. Hold tight to those memories! I hope you can relive some of them with your hubby and children. You are such a good mommy! You probably learned some of that from your own mom. Love you Julia and I'm thinking about ya!!