I LOVE this bit! I remember it like it was yesterday.... I am sure it has been almost 20 years since it originally aired... but I still use that line " Cha-llange!" any time a friend or I disagree about something... I sometimes say " To the Google".... like Batman going to his batmobile... either way I think most people have no idea what the heck I am talking about.


the girls' moma said...

You're just too good with the pop culture references!

I don't remember that bit at all. But i remember tons of others.

Did you ever watch that "Cosby" show he did a few years back, also with Felicia Rashad? There was a whole bit where he gets back at Doug E Doug's character by having him eat wasabi, and Cosby is hopping around victory-dancing and shouting "WA-SAAAAA-BI!" over and over. Typical Cos, but something REALLY obscure that I reference often and people just look at me like I am insane.


Anonymous said...

to J and the above respondent: It seems that the externalizing of our own ego-acknowledgement wish takes a unique form merely as a function of culture in time. Where as one says "wasaabi", another "cha-lange" I say "how 'bout that" which I have found to be both profound and full wonderfully rich nuance depending on the situation and was the characteristic mannerism (or neurotic tick!) of Cooter from "The Dukes of Hazard". The point here, I suspect, is that we are all beaconing in the night as it were for anyone who might inquire of us the origins of our non-sequitors. "Look at me world, I deserve your attention and finally your admiration. Hark all yee! I have comitted to memory for use at the times of my choosing a turn-of-phrase that will catapult me for a moment into your "tut-tut" simulacra of pop-culture affections." What an effete and sad bunch we are.