a day at the park

Braden's class had a field trip yesterday morning to a local bread making factory.... huge assembly lines and dough mixers etc. I thought I would be able to get some great shots of them there... but they had a "no camera" rule... So I took this shot of the guys at the park just after the bakery.... they are wearing their matching "Life is Good" t shirts that Mason picked out for them in Key West. Braden was actually in a good mood... this is just his "way" of smiling...

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Anonymous said...

life is good
the boys look good
great px
i called the other day left msg


Anne said...

I love the pictures of the boys...Braden seems so grown-up compared to mother's day out memories I have of him!

I have a random question for you...I have been doing some reading and research on organics, healthy eating, and related stuff. I came across lots of info about 'lunch in a box' and bento lunches. Do you pack Bento lunches, and do you have any suggestions for good places to purchase some good bento containers? Thanks!!

katie_marie said...

LOVE their "LIG" shirts! If I could have a uniform to wear every day, it would be a LIG t-shirt and yoga pants. Doesn't that sound nice?