a BIG night

Tonight something happened around here without much fanfare. That was not really the way I had intended it though. I had imagined this night for sometime now. The way it would play out, the excitement, the popcorn.

Ever since I can remember I have been so SUPER excited to sit down with Braden and watch "Star Wars" - A New Hope. We have waited patiently as his friends have immersed themselves in SW garb complete with Darth masks and light sabers. I wanted to wait until Braden and I could have a discussion about the movie. I wanted to make sure he was able to talked to me about what he though, how he felt... etc.
So months turned into years and I marked 6 to be a good age to introduce him. But that has now all changed.

There are 4 other boys in Braden's class. All four other boys know about Star Wars. When Braden came to school dressed as Peter Pan for Halloween one of them asked him if he was a bounty hunter.... oh jeeze! Today he came home talking about Darth Vader. All his information he got was from these kids... and I had no idea what they were telling him.

I knew that had to stop. If anyone was going to tell my kids about Star Wars... it was gonna be me. We walked across the street to our neighbors house and borrowed the DVD. Which version of the DVD ? I have no idea.. I know it has Han meeting with Jaba and it has the added graphics of the explosions of the Death Star, but I don't know if it is the one where Han shoots first or not... I didn't really get to sit down and watch it. I had to cook dinner.
So while T took a late nap and I cooked dinner, Braden was introduced to (one) of the greatest movies of all time. He reacted (as he normally does to huge events) by staring slacked jawed at the screen for the entire time. When it was over he ran to the playroom to draw this which I guess is a representation of the dog fight at the end. And it true Braden fashion; that was about the extent of his talking about the movie.
What (to me) was a HUGE milestone for him, passed by with hardley a blip on the screen. Just another movie, just another picture.... the next question is.... how long can we hold out until ESB?
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