On Friday: met Brian in the parking lot of Braden' school so he could drop off Raina. Went to the base commissary to buy MRE's for Brian and his mission trip to Brazil. Raina loves the planes on base. I scrubbed the kitchen floor too.... oh how it needed to be done. We had burgers and fries for dinner. Then my Mother-in-Law came. I finished the first 5 loads of wash. They still lay folded in the 'clean' basket.

On Saturday: Slept in, woke up to a pancake breakfast. Mason worked out in the yard taking down huge dead trees along the easement behind our fence. I went to meet my 'partner' in my secret project to start working on her end of the deal. We had Chinese for dinner, since I hadn't been to the grocery store yet. After watching Dancing with the Stars with Anne; Mason and I went out to a movie to see Burn After Reading. I laughed 'til I cried. Mason was a bit disappointed in the film.

On Sunday: Mason continued work in the yard. I went grocery shopping. Braden Mason and I went to Walmart to get new glasses for Braden. His broke 'accidentally' last week! I made chicken and broccoli Alfredo (from scratch) for dinner. Mason Anne and I stayed up late (eating ice cream) looking at pictures of Mason as a baby. We all decided that T looks just like him.

Today: Mason's at work. B is at school. Anne is on her way home. T is napping and I am ignoring the last few loads of laundry.

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