I actually got the new camera 2 weeks ago. I have been wanting it since my birthday. I got some money, then I got a few gift certificates then a 10% off coupon came in the mail... so I jumped at what I thought my last chance would be to get the new camera. It is a Cannon Rebel XSI 12 mega pixel.... awesome, very easy to use, understand and pretty light for a fancy camera.

This past weekend had Mason with Friday off, a parade on Saturday (next time we will pick the shady side of the street) and hiking (more like walking) around Abilene State Park. and NO I didn't bring my camera to any of it ... I know BOO!

Our first MOPS meeting was Monday... it was great to be back and know that in just one more Monday I will be a regular mom.... no more Steering Team! 3 years is QUITE enough. It was kinda empty without Braden there. I went to get T from the nursery (they said that he did 'okay') and that was it... no need to go to the other side to get B :-( It was great to see familiar faces of friends that I had missed all summer and some that I had not seen in a few years!

This weekend for the first time Tristan said 'car'... and for some reason he likes holding his nose and talking... then he laughs and does it all over again.

I have been reading 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch and I caught a bit of United 93 on TV on Sunday... both experiences deserve their own post.

Braden seems to enjoy school...he says it is 'fun'. He talks about his teacher and his classmates and all their adventures. No mention of our teacher from last year or any of that kind of stuff.

Today was chilly which meant that when we got dressed today we discovered that Braden's long pants don't fit anymore... so it was off to Old Navy... where I got a few slacks and jeans on sale.

Regular old life.... in and out, day to day has set in.... and it feels good!

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