getting bogged down

I laugh every time Tristan grabs a Kleenex puts it to his mouth and nose then blows a zurbert - he looks up at me and laughs and laughs

The dogs go to the vet tomorrow for a booster rattle snake vaccine and Chloe has to stay behind to get her teeth cleaned :-(

I took B to a 'open casting call' for kid models...it turned out to be a sales gimick....

Braden's friend Salem turns 6 this Saturday, I got her the cutest gift (imo) but since I ordered it won't be here in time... figures!

I got to have dinner with La Rae on Saturday. With both of our guys gone, it was fun to have company for myself and the kids. All four get along really well... which is nice.

I have been working on a secret project, that I don't really want to reveal yet (soon enough my dears) but let me just say it is keeping me MUCHO busy!

Which means I am not sewing the throw pillows for my first project - reworking the living room.

Mason's family is selling what is left of the old ranch, which means I have been scrambling around trying to figure out a) where we should put the money and b) how this is going to effect our income taxes.


the girls' moma said...

Oh man. Now I'm totally curious about the secret project.

I know what you mean about getting bogged down. I hope the bullet-type blog list helped clear out your brain a bit.

Anonymous said...

Even dealing with just a sniblit of free money and all the "Babylon" (doesn't make sense unless you say it with an outrageous Jamaican accent), bureaucracy-wheretofore-induced headaches, should remind us all of how great a gift simplicity in our exestential credit/debit ledgers really is.
"all I really need is this woman
this roof,
and this spliff..."