Lessons Learned

1. Ponchos are completely useless if the rain is accompanied by wind.

2. Homemade temporary safety tattoos made from special sticky paper bought at Michael's don't last in the Florida humidity or rain.

3. 5 year old boys love Space Mountain and the beach... and that is it! (or so he says)

4. Flying with your husband does not make flying with your 2 year old any easier, no matter how much the hubby tries to help out.

5. Room service sounds much better than it tastes.

6. Clothing and shoes will not dry out overnight in Florida humidity... however, bathing suites will.

7. I am not the only mom who thinks Maclaren makes a good stroller... apparently EVERYONE who goes to Disney World does too!

8. Umbrellas will be destroyed, strollers will be lost, sweatshirts will have to be bought... it doesn't matter in the long run.

9. No matter what country you are from or what language you speak... all children sound the same when they whine.

10. Even with millions spent on designing amazing attractions (rides) - nothing beats a regular old everyday mirror stuck in a key places of said ride... it makes everyone smile and point EVERY TIME!

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