I wear the required uniform

After what seems like forever the Animal Control "Officer" shows up. By then of course the snakes have found the holes in the back fence and 'escaped'.

I lead the guy back and showed him where they had been. "are you sure they were really rattle snakes?" he asked me with that 'you ARE a woman' tone in his voice. I assured him that they were and pulled out my camera for proof. "Wow, those are BIG!" he says....only just then taking me seriously.

Um, Yeah... no sh!t they're big - now can we catch them please?

"Well mam' " he begins "it seems the snakes have gone back into this underbrush here behind the fence. And even with this access gate I am not going to be able to go back there with it being so dense and all. I am sorry 'bout that... but call us again if you see them. Have a good day."

WHAT THE HELL! I stood there thinking I was on some prank show. At any moment the real animal control guy would step up in his 'gear' and go charging into the bushes to save the day. But no. Instead I got a guy in a brown uniform (which included shorts!) and who left his truck running in my driveway the entire time. I guess the City of Abilene has money to burn on fuel but not on snake gear.

I called Animal Control and spoke with Alvin (the supervisor). He reaffirmed that here in ABILENE TEXAS the Animal Control officers don't have any snake gear. Jeeze..... next time I will just get the shovel myself!

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