blue nail update

Before we got out of the car today to go to the Jump Around for a MOPS play date I decided to have a quick conversation with Braden about his nails. I wanted to make sure that he had the vocabulary to answer any questions he might get. I told them that people were probably going to ask why he painted his nails. He didn't have an answer for that. I told him that someone might make fun of him and say that it is only girls who paint their nails. To that we decided to say that "blue is a boy color".

As we left to go home for lunch he told me that in the entire time of being there (2 1/2) hours he was only asked once by a little girl "why did you paint your nails" to which he answered "because I wanted too!"

I am not sure if he showed them off to anyone else, except my friend Jo Ann. He held his hands out and smiled showing her the bright blue color. She asked if he like them and he shook his head hard YES with a big smile.

So far the big bad world hasn't rained on our parade.

side note: he asked to do his toes again this morning and I told him we would do it later... he hasn't asked again yet... so.... we'll see...

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