the truth is out there

I was a huge X-Files fan back in the day.... and now with the new movie coming out I have been DVRing all the shows and watching them in order.

Mason was watching with me, but now he is gone again for a few weeks, so I am on my on to continue my 're-education'.

So late last night I am watching episode 13....

I was lying on the couch, the house was quiet and the weather was quiet.... not even a drop of wind.... and right at one of the creepiest moments on the show - MY HOUSE GOES BLACK- total loss of power.

I am instantly afraid... I cannot even move... I am totally convinced that some psycho has cut the power to my house so that he can sneak in to kill us all. I lie there motionless on the couch for a good while............until I realize that I have to go pee...


I slowly stand up and feel around for Braden's Playskool Flashlight which only shines in red or green... both colors are creepy.... one looks light night vision, the other looks like the lens of the camera in the opening of James Bond movies.

I go potty, light a candle and stand in the bathroom trying to compose myself. The house is ULTRA quiet and pitch dark... I am trying to convince myself that I should open the front door and see if the whole street has loss power..... but I am paralyzed with fear... even though my front door has a glass window and I can SEE that there is no axe murderer standing on my front porch I still stand there for another minute or so before I take a deep breath and walk out.

Immediately the spell is broken when I see both my neighbors venturing out of their houses at the same time...feeling quite silly and very relieved .

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