Okay - so what has been going on this past week:

1. Art camp. Braden absolutely LOVED it. He was the littlest in the class, some of the kids were as old as 9. His teacher said he kept up with the best of them. I have a whole bunch of art work to scan, but my printer is disconnected (see # 2) so I will have to do it later. Suffice it to say he went everyday with a HUGE smile on his face. He spoke a lot about practicing and being a 'real artist'... too cute.

2. Mason and I rearrange our living room, and when I say we, I mean I told him what I wanted then he moved it all :-). We moved the TV hutch to a whole other wall, moved the piano and brought the book shelves back in, then moved my computer hutch into the bedroom. The living room looks great...I can't believe it took us 4 years to find a good configuration out there.

3. Went to my 3rd and final MOPS steering team retreat. Technically I am just filling in for the new finance girl while she is gone this summer... I won't be on steering next year... but it was a BLAST to pretend and have a girls night away !

4. Date night last night! With Mason gone all week it was very necessary for us to be able to go out to dinner, do a little target shopping and head out to a movie. Batman ! Which (BTW) was AMAZING! Totally worth a $8 ticket price. If you are on the fence about it ... go go go!

5. Braden and I went swimming twice this week, just the two of us. I treasure the time we have to just splash around in the pool playing and jumping. I wonder if he will have any memory of that when he is older... when his mom was his best friend.


Jessica said...

he will remember you.
love jessica

Williams Family said...

Batman was awesome!! I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. We saw it at the drive in.