it's settled

Okay - this is it... final final decision.... the new blog!!! with a new title!

I am not feeling as grumpy and pessimistic as I was a year and a half ago when Jen started this blog for me.... so a new 'do' as my uncle would say for the the blog and a NEW name that reflects my state of mind (sorry to all my friends who will now have to change the name on their blog roll).

I took the title from a lyric from the song "Golden" by Jill Scott it is a GREAT song! I challenge you to listen to it and still be in a crappy mood - for those of you who normally don't listen to my video links "DO IT" "just DO IT" :-)

maybe it's the new hair.... who knows!


Leah said...

I like it. It motivated me to change mine and then I hated having to add all my widgets and lists back! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Julia. Taking the initiative to create your own positive attitude can be a really hard thing to do. It's certainly something I have to do over and over again.