such a waste

Last night Mason and I went out to a movie.

Nowadays that is a rarity. With ticket and gas prices being so high, and between either the screens being torn or a big scratch on the film I just don't like going as much as I use to.

But for M. Night Shyamalan I will get a babysitter and pay full price to go at night on opening weekend (which for me means I get there an hour before show time so I can get a good seat.)

I have liked all his movies. I am obsessed with The Village and enjoyed Lady in the Water much more than others...But my romance came to an end last night after I saw The Happening.

It was such a let down. There was nothing to the movie. A few good shots and a few funny moments. No real plot, suspense or drama. I didn't care about any of the characters. It was an idea that had so much potential but fell flat on its face.

A colossal waste of time and money.... I am going to go and rent The Village to heal my broken heart....

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