School Mornings

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are school mornings.

Wake up
Turn computer on
go to kitchen
make breakfast for Braden (eggs and soy sausage)
Start coffee for Mason
microwave oatmeal for Mason
sit Braden down at the table to eat newly made breakfast
make Braden's lunch
check weather on the computer
lay out clothes for school
pack backpack
comb out hair while boy brushes teeth
send Dad and Brad out the door for the day...

Everyday for lunch Braden gets a PB&J sandwich. And everyday I make it the same way. I do the peanut butter first. Then I spend an extra few seconds trying to get the peanut butter completely off of the knife before I move on to the jam....

It's horribly inefficient... I really should do the jam first... wipe the knife on the non-jam piece of bread THEN move on to the peanut butter.

I couldn't figure out why I did my sandwiches like this... and why it was such a habit... Then it dawned on me!

My father..... watching him year after year make peanut butter sandwiches for himself... NO JAM or JELLY! Just the peanut butter!

No wonder my technique was off!

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