every breath he takes

During our tour of the lower 9th ward I told Aunt Karen we had to go see the Global Green Holy Cross Project. My man Brad Pitt teamed up with Global Green to solve some of the housing issues in the Holy Cross Neighborhood of NOLA. The first house is finally completed (with 4 more and an apartment building to come soon). As my father taught me I TOUCHED IT and documented it with a photo opp.... Then I went to the front door and to peek in the windows and low and behold the door was UNLOCKED (those fools) so I snuck in and quickly set up my camera to take a picture of me and T INSIDE the house.

Why is that such a big deal you might ask. Well it is the closest I have EVER got to Brad. To stand where I KNOW that he has stood and breathed....to touch the ground that I know he has walked.... OMG! It didn't get any better than that!

a great article with MORE pictures: http://blog.nola.com/reneepeck/2008/04/global_green_house_unveils_eco.html
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