Road Trip

We just spent our entire spring break week on a road trip to Dallas. We left on Tuesday because Tristan had some doctor appointments in the city. We decided to take our time and try to not rush there and back. During the whole trip I kept coming up with really insightful (or at least at the time they felt insightful) things to blog about, but was too lazy to go down to the business center in the hotel. So now that we've been back a few days and Easter has come and gone I can't remember what I wanted to write about. But since 40 years from now this blog will only be interesting to me I will have decided to leave myself a few notes:

I love my mini van - Mason does not. And after 4 hours driving in pouring down rain I will not ever forget his opinion on the matter.

Embassy Suites Market Center Dallas is seriously the dumpy-ist place I have ever stayed. On the surface it looks great but upon closer inspection the illusion falls a part... but hey, they've got a free hot breakfast!

Bathrooms make great bedrooms for a toddler in a pack n' play.

Children's hospitals are a sobering reminder that no matter how bad you think you may have it, someone has got it worse.

Nana's are essential to a 4 1/2 year olds happiness.

The California Pizza Kitchen in Grapevine had the best song play list I had heard in years.

Baby's that toddle around a restaurant are cute, big babies that crawl around on a restaurant floor get disapproving looks.

No trip out into Dallas from the hotel is complete without having to go at least a mile out of your way then turn back around because your exit was either A) not marked B) snuck up too quickly C) didn’t even exist.

I hate access roads!

Private doctor’s offices are fancier beyond belief, the people are kind, patient and attentive. The disparity of our country’s health care system blows my mind.

No matter how easy going I am trying to be, I still can’t stand being late for a movie. It just doesn’t feel right not to have previews. Plus the first minute of a movie can be the most crucial. It took us over 15 minutes to figure out that “The Bank Job” was a period piece. Never again.

Riding on the bell carts is fun, even for a 33 year old mom!

You can waste a whole hour at a subway station that has elevators and escalators (provided that you have a 4 ½ year old too).

The street cars in Dallas are in horrible shape, even before Katrina the ones in New Orleans blew them out of the water.

I like maps. Not really into GPSs. People who don’t know North South East or West in their own town really annoy me.

Kids pretty much have a great time anywhere that there is a park with a playgound.


Anne said...

California Pizza Kitchen also has some really yummy pizza!

Hope you all had a great time!

AMANDA said...

Hope everything is okay with Tristan. We're thinking about you all!

Dava Lynn said...

This made me laugh! But, then again, most of your posts do...

So glad things are looking good with T. Look forward to another visit soon!